Our Focus is
Smart City, Simplified

We craft solutions for smart cities.

We Develop
Geographical Information Systems

Let's design the world.

Our Services

Traffic Analytics

-Vehicle count
-Vehicle classification
-Vehicle lane information
-Vehicle speed approximation
-Intersection analysis
-Vehicle tracking in multiple streams
-Video Summarisation/Synopsis

Crowd Analytics

-Personnel tracking
-Head count
-Facial detection and recognition
-Unattended/Suspicious object detection
-Anomaly detection in crowd behaviour
-Intrusion detection
-Gender classification and count

Some of Our Products and Solutions

Traffic Management Solution
    • Traffic Management Solution
    • Keep an eye on City Traffic
    • SimpliAlert
    • Securing your boundries.

Smart City, Simplified!

Simplicity in Simplicity Labs is not that simple. It lies in what we are inspired by. We want to build Smart and Intelligent system for improving Mobility of people and vehicles in a Proactive way to make life more Livable and systems more Interactive in a future CITY.

S mart

I ntelligent

M obility

P roactive

L ivable

I nteractive

Sensing and communication system

Data management and enrichment

Advanced data analytics

Wide suite of essential smart city applications

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